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Free and Easy to integrate Rating Widget for PhilMusic Sellers/Members

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--- Quote from: Riff_6603 on March 24, 2013, 10:11:12 PM ---Hi boomboom,

Just to clarify, the Reputation power is not in any way related to the gorated widget. It was supposed to be an upgrade from the previous karma feature formerly utilized prior to the introduction of the gorated widget. Please do ignore it for the meantime til corrective action is done. Thanks!

--- End quote ---

I see. Thanks for the clarification mod Riff_6603  :-)

Hello PhilMusic Members,

As promised we are continuing to release updates that will improve your experience in using the new the feedback system.

As of today (April 3, 2012), here are the screenshots of our feedback system.

Rating widget:

The new version of the rating widget is composed of the seller's overall rating and picture fetch from their currently active Facebook profile photo.

Widget view:

The widget view is composed of the following member-buyer's photo, member-buyer's job title/company/location, and member-buyer's testimonial.

Actual testimonials of member-buyers:

To include your member-buyers testimonial here, kind send your forum username as a reply to this thread:


--- Quote from: boomboom on March 24, 2013, 10:55:01 PM ---I see. Thanks for the clarification mod Riff_6603  :-)

--- End quote ---

welcome chief!

Additional guide:

How to change the logo, name and message of your rating widget.

sinong may widget na patingin naman heheehe reply ka lang sa ilalim ko


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