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Linis Lang ng kapaligiran and tag Ulan din ngayun kelngan mag ingat tlga kase mahirap magkaskit and mahal. Yung Nakita kong kid NASA icu bec. Of dengue dialysis rin sya. Tsk kawawa kaya ingat ingat mga sir wag mag ttambay sa mall amok.

If you or your children have high grade fever 39 to 40C for more than 24 hours and very sick looking
Better consult your doctor and have a cbc with platelet done
If possible do a dengue NS1 test

Make sure that the fever is longer than 24hrs before you consult or reauest for blood tests.
Doctors usually do blood test if the fever is more than 24hrs (preferably 48 to 72 hrs)
Doing blood test earlier than 24hrs can still be normal and can give false negative results

Dengue is already endemic in the philippines

What you can do at home if the fever is still less than 24 hrs
Drink lots of fluids preferrably oral rehydrating salt like pedialyte glucolyte etc
Ors is equivalent to iv fluids which is the mainstay of treatment for dengue

may nabasa ako as facebook para sa pantrap ng lamok using household materials,

cornstarch, 1.5 PET Bottle, water, scissors. I hope makita ko pa ung link na un. da best sya. safe and hindi magastos compare sa pagbili ng baygon


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