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We wanna play your indie OPM tracks on our Podcast!!

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Sir Jim,

   I am Xandrix  from the band "MUSHROOM SCANDAL" from UP Diliman.  I appreciate very much your efforts of helping indie bands like us.  I already sent 3 mp3's and  write up via e-mail. Hope we make it to your Podcast, more power and Godspeed.

Ok na Jim. Naka-disabled pala yung Podcast feature co kaya ganun hehe.

this is interesting! how does this actually works? legalities and copyrights and everything? will the song considered 'published' when podcasted? tnx! 

Email sent po. Salamat po sa pagkakataong mapakinggan ang aming mga awitin.

pno po ba masama yung kanta jan...

please visit:


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