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Guitar Central / Re: The PRS Thread...
« Last post by guitaricci on Today at 10:08:58 PM »
Meron ng Paul's Guitar SE models. Pati Santana Gold Top Singlecut SE...which i'm really diggin pero wala naman akong pambili.  :-o
Friedman BE OD Deluxe

Got this pedal early December 2018 when it first came out, courtesy of Sound Hound Guitars. The original BE-OD was nice but it lacked the mids to properly cut thru a mix... Suffice to say, when the Deluxe came out sporting a "mid" control, I was sold. The low gain channel was a bonus. Can't believe my latest purchase was still from last year.  :lol:
Guitar Central / Re: Let's talk SG! (aka The SG Club)
« Last post by r_chino18 on Today at 09:42:07 PM »
Thanks sa feedback Sir Chino. Ipon nalang muna para sa Levy's :D

Which Levy's strap are you eyeing?
Guitar Central / Re: Let's talk SG! (aka The SG Club)
« Last post by nicoyow on Today at 07:18:44 PM »
just a cent.

Accept the fact that SG guitar shapes tend to do a neck dive. Yep, the suggestions were okay but, accepting the truth about the guitar is one thing also. That way, you'll never get disappointed.

De joke lang. Ang naging teknik ko jan e adjusting your strap length. In my situation, I came from full length (above knee playing) to under the chest position. Walang neck dive.
Guitar Central / Re: Trading my PRS SE 245 to a Fender?
« Last post by fear on Today at 06:37:54 PM »
Thanks bro!
Hobbies and Interests / Re: Stock Market and investments atbp.
« Last post by mozart123 on Today at 05:03:49 PM »
SEC upholds PSE order on lifetime director ban on Joseph Calata, delisting of the agribusiness firm

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Hobbies and Interests / Re: Motorcycle Riders *Merged*
« Last post by mozart123 on Today at 05:02:15 PM »

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