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What do you want to learn about recording?

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Tarkuz Toccata:

--- Quote from: KitC ---I have been in discussion with another forumite about setting up a workshop to learn about recording. The basic premise is that we will work with what is locally available, hardware and software-wise, mimicking the plight of most recordists here. The goal is to try to educate most musicians/bands on how to properly record their music, if possible in a DIY setting. Hopefully, we will post mp3's and pics of the workshop's progress. The purpose of this post is to let us know specifically, what interests the majority out there.
--- End quote ---


Sali ako.

Reading print ads in music mags, I wonder what all those hardware and software does.

hey guys. for the more technical aspects of recording, maybe the thread with the title, 'IAA Lectures', might interest you.

manganda po yan sirs..para mapa Newbie hanggang mapadalubhasa...anu ba po balak .. hands on talaga(as in classes) o thru boards lang?

It seems the list is ever growing as to what we want to be taught but as always, time is the limiting factor. If we were to simplify what you want and need to know and not get too technical in the process, a practical approach if you will, it will help define the course better. This is not to say this will become a "Recording for Dummies" session, but hopefully something tailored  for the majority with more than just basic knowledge handed out. The main purpose here is to spread out knowledge in hopes that anyone's recording will improve regardless of the gear. Comments from newbies to recording are especially welcome.


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