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Brian velasco!!!

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eeee ... just wondering .. where and when can i watch him play live??

I believe there'll be a Razorback concert at the Music Museum on the 25th...200pesos ang ticket.

did you go to the gig? how was the drum solo of brian??


--- Quote from: lifeisaquagmire ---did you go to the gig? how was the drum solo of brian??
--- End quote ---

I was there, but was there a drum solo?  I left during Anjo of Kapatid's jam...

I'm not at all concerned with solos though.  I was watching Bry play along with the songs.

Do not get me wrong though, I love to watch drum solos.  But, I don't see the soloing as a high light to a drummer's musicality.  Besides, after watching the Donatis and Weckls tear the drums up, ... :wink:

wow!! well, how was his playing then?  i'm being an ignoramous .. but would want to educate myself. weckel? isn't he the foreign drummer from the 90's? did he come here to play or have a clinic?


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