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Lets see those Snares!

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Akira JUMBO:
Share pictures of your snare/snare drum collection here!!!

A sonic description would be very much appreciated as well!!!

Enjoy.. :-D

Una na ako!!!
Ludwig 1966 Supraphonic Ludaloy Snare 14x5"

Unknown Steambent 1-ply Shell Snare 14x5.5" in Cast Tube Lugs

My Ever-faithful PEARL Maple Piccolo 13x3

question: ok na po ba mga generic na piccolo na nabibili sa lazer? or sa JB?... tip naman jan, db pag piccolo snare malulutong ang tunog? ayoko ko po kasi ng malulutong na tunog eh.. san po ba pde makabili nga magagandang snare at brand na di masyadong mahal.. salamat

custom made by me :D


--- Quote from: wax_static on October 02, 2007, 08:10:32 PM ---custom made by me :D

--- End quote ---

lol, kilala ko kung kanino galing yan eh! bwahahaha!!!


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