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Ok Godin, I just set up the Guitarist section and rearranged some of the other forums. Now we have a section for hard core musicians and the other sections are for mainly music fans.

ey, thanks.. now this is great.. it will give us mucisians much broader subjects to discuss in one forum... thanks a lot! mas malaki pa ata ito sa yamaha forum eh.. hopefully! :)

pare,ok yung site for aspiring musicians and artists...suggest ko lang na sana merong option na mag upload ng photos sa buy and sell of instruments and other items...para sa mga interested buyers,kasi kadalasan hinihingi nila yung mga pics for those items...thanks! nad more power to your site!!!! Rock On!!!! :))


There are a few (im sure, there's more) Beatle Fans here, me included,

why not a Beatle Forum? 60s music? naw, never mind.. just the Beatles..  :D

We could talk about their life and music, cover songs, famous bands w/ beatles influences, collectables, etc...?

just a thought..

Mr. Jacaranda Kite

^Hey Jacaranda Club, feel free to start any Beatles thread. I'm with ya brotha'  :D


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