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What happen-ed to their pop-u albunm!?@#$%^&*(

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If you're referring to the Eraserheads' first album, Pop-U was never commercially released. It was only put out as a limited cassette release before they were signed to BMG records.

only around 20 copies of eheads pop-u were produced. allegedly, no one from the heads have a copy of it now. so for those who have a copy, hold on to it. nway, you don't need to own one since most of the songs in pop-u (i.e., pare ko, wishing well, scorpio rising, tindahan ni aling nena, milk and money and toyang) are already included in their albums.

kahit anong sabihin ng iba, la kong pake.. ox naman eh.. kakaiyak nga yung album! tagal kong hinintay tong pagkakataon na to...bat 10 lang yung song????wehehehehehe.koolnesss!!! la kong masabe sa gleng ni ely.... sana me heads album naman ulit... sa ibang fan, yung solo album ni ely does'nt mean anything... its pure experimental lang... wehehehehehehehehe

was sorting my rack of cassette tapes the other night (in preparation for a road trip) when voila! i chanced upon this nondescript tape among the chaos. And wouldn't you know it, it was a copy of pop u (copied from ely's tape with a bonus song pa mga bandang 1991).

had a listen and it brought back memories. Galing. Yeah, Wilma is right nasa iba-ibang albums naman na yung mga songs but still it's a different experience altogether. :)


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