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Carpentry as Hobby anyone?

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mozart123: ok din to group.


--- Quote from: Jellybean on July 22, 2017, 02:24:32 PM ---Would be great to see your hand tools  :-D and your Paul Sellers inspired workbench.
I'm thinking once I retire I will pursue "woodcraft" as well.
Have you seen that hand-built house in Latvia? (check out Northmen on Youtube) My brother and I are planning to hand build our own house as well but definitely no where near the wooden house built by Jacob in that video.

--- End quote ---

Would be nice to show them, if damned photobucket hadn't gone greedy and way too slow with the ad clicking revenue model. Bonkers, I feel I haven't quite kept up with the latest photo sharing and also non privacy invasive techs.

I really like Mr. Sellers' approach and the mentality of hand tools ww. Even way before, the philosophy behind it has struck a chord with me. When he became huge on the internet, I think myself and a lot of other amateurs have further reinforced for themselves what was unspoken in them about general ideas of building what you need sustainably, with the benefit of the added workout and keeping hand skills and sharp blades tuned.

makati development corporation nag offer ng carpentry course.


One of my previous projects nung buryong ako sa bahay years ago. Guitar rack gawa sa pallet.


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