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Selling (or trading to a MIJ Jazz Bass) this lovely Fender Telecaster I got from my friend a few months ago, just had fun dibs-ing it because of the awesome color but have to let this go in order to have my broken bass replaced (upgrade na din hehe)

Anyway, condition is 9.7/10, there is one hairline scratch but very unnoticeable even if I take a picture of it in any angle it will never show up (due to the color I guess). This has been taken care of for a long time and was only kept in storage (as my friend said) for almost a week after this was bought in Japan till I bought it this year. NOTE: This was purchased brand new in Japan NOT used

Had it setup at Guitar Hospital and replaced the strings last week.
Comes with its original Fender Softcase Bag
Price is negotiable :D
You may text me at 0977-821-2133, will not be answering calls hehe.


Sale Price: 37,000
FT Price: 40,000
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