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ROCK MUSIC - RULES & REGULATIONS!!! (Modified & Relaxed =D)


The Rock Music Board Rules and Regulations:

Make sure all the discussions and threads posted is related to Pinoy Rock. Personal Bands and Gig Announcements goes to their respective forums. Unrelated Thread will automatically be moved.

Avoid Multiple Posts
Check previous posts before posting a new thread. Thread of the same topic will either be merged or deleted.

Avoid using Obscene/Foul Language
Watch your language. Any obscene/foul language caught in a post will automatically be altered, deleted or locked.

Do NOT take criticisms too personal
We are old enough to know what we’re doing. Any signs of destructive criticisms/arguments will be altered/deleted.

Limit the size of your posts
Please be considerate to other users especially those using dial-ups. Let’s make the posts small and simple. Large picture files are recommended to be posts as links rather than flood the server. Large pictures will be truncated.

Enjoy Posting and Keep ROCKIN'!!!



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