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PM Loading Issues and Solutions *merged*

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Philmusic Main page isnt compatible with OPERA but with IE and Firefox its ok.

here are the screenshots.

sa tingin ko na-tap ng opera ang communication line ng mga aliens  :lol: :wink:

Jim Ayson:
Hmmm, that's interesting. well we do test the template with IE5, IE6, and IE7 and Firefox 1.5 and 2 ... guess Opera tackles things oddly. I also log on through my phone on mobile browsers like Nokia's browser and Opera Mini, and it's ok naman. The stuff on the margins is mainly javascript that for some reason Opera doesn't handle properly. Also never tested this on Safari (mainly because I don't have a Mac.

I'm not sure how to fix that - maybe we should just put a sticker that says "not Opera compliant" ?


attn: boss jim and ma'am chette and other mods

i know that my internet connection is fine coz i can browse flash sites and any other heavy websites...

since i got home Aug 16, 2007 9pm till now Aug 17 2:13am, browsing thru the forums is sooooooo slowww. even when i post it usually timed out

sakin mabilis... minsan nag ti-time out


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