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LF> Female Vocalist for an OPM Project
« on: December 27, 2017, 06:53:52 AM »
Hello! Please take time to review and understand the requirements, if you're interested in joining.

Who we are
We are looking to be a female-fronted band - we currently have a female vocalist, but we are having difficulty on committing, so I would like to keep my options open until we officially start by early 2018
We are at the age group of 22-25
We live in different areas, but mostly our jams would be in the QC/Makati area
Genre is not set in stone. We like music from any genre. Ex: HAIM, Pvris, Paramore, Eraserheads, Urbandub, Coheed & Cambria, Dream Theater, Periphery, and more
We are looking to play Indie/OPM/Rock - so even if you don't know any of the bands above, as long as you want to play the genre, you're welcome!
If you have a similar taste of music, even just one or two bands there, you are encouraged to apply!

Must be able to write songs - straightforward
Able to play guitars - this is optional, but is a huge bonus - more plus if you have an electric guitar setup!
Must have a stable income/savings/super rich - basically, you have your own budget for jams/recordings/gigs/gears etc
Must be able to commit to the bands activities - straightforward, we need someone serious and not a one time player
Willing to learn, accept criticism and have patience in forming a band - this band is NEW. Provided all of us have a background in performing live/have bands before but as a group we are starting out together. That will be a process
Pro-active - bands only move when someone encourages the band to do something. As much as possible we want the last member in the band as active and passionate, so we can make this band work.

If you're still interested, email me at or message me on Facebook.

Warning: If you're taking the Facebook route, make sure you message first.

Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon!
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