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how much is the sony dsc-m1 here in the philippines?

hi! i'm a newbie here in the forum as well as photography. i'm thinking of buying a digicam sabi nila for beginners the best daw ang sony w-series?

look at this picture...

using photoshop, how would i type something out (like the cat's "mouth") and have the inside red or any other colour while the outside of what i type is left untouched? am i making any sense? :?

maybe your talking about layers. like you wanted to edit the background(in this case your main picture) and layer 1 is your text. just use the show layers panel and just select which one you like to edit. hope that helps merry christmas!!!

see, i thought i should do that since it's common sense, yeah? buuut... i have no idea how! so, if you could give me like step by step help i'd really appreciate it, haha. *can't even find the show layers panel* -_-

merry christmas! :D

EDIT: ok, i'm stupid. i tried again and found it. thank you again for the help! :P


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