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We had fun today. Una kaming nagkita ni Phil sa isang Filipino restaurant sa North Hollywood. Tapos at 1050 we have proceeded to Sound Arena Studios. There we've met up with Dan (aka stratman1) and Jo, Dan's drummer/bassist friend. We jammed from 11-1 pm. These guys were so awesome yet so down to earth. Bitin na bitin tuloy kami dahil 2 hours lang ang slot eh nag-eenjoy pa naman kami. Sarap kasama ng mga to, hagalpakan ng tawanan. Here are some pics:

Bart (BP_Lizard) and Phil checkng out each other's gears. Nagustuhan naman ni Bossing Philip yung kapa ng AlleyKat ko.

Phil with my Kat

Pre-jam group shot with Jo, BP_Lizard (Bart), stratman1 (Dan), and Phil

Dan and his awesome PRS.

Phil shredding on his Ibanez

Too lazy to even standup. Banat ng banat kahit puro sabit at paulit ulit na blues cliche.

Dan and Phil exchanging licks

Our drummer dude. Galing pumalo.

stratman Dan's gears. Wala pa jan yung USA Strat nya.

Phil's gears.

Lizard's gears, puera yung amp:

Group shot uli bago maghiwa-hiwalay. Awesome day.

...super cool pics.....okay ba tenga mo Bart?
BTW...thanks to Julius for drums.

Dan and Bart...super cool jam pare.....kailangan mga 3 hours para we can REALLY check out each others gear. :lol:

That was fast. Had a really great time. You guys are really good. Kudos to Jo for letting me borrow him today to play drums. He would've been better in bass, his main instrument. Oh, well, maybe next time.

I agree, 3 hours jam next time so we can go through each others gear. Let's set something up soon. Next time I'll record the audio.

o nga Dan ....hindi mo na try yung amps ko...ako din ...di ko na try yung amp mo.....tapos hindi mo natry yung blue at super yellow guitar ko ....nahawakan ko lang yung PRS mo ...hindi ko time nga.....okay din ka jam natin parang pareho lahat tayo frequency.....parang reniherse natin yung na cool. :lol:

Phil, thanks again for lending me your cab.


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