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--- Quote from: Phil ---BTW ...Gary Hoey rocks!!! 8)  We should try playing some of his songs next jam.
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Ano. Gumana na ba lahat ng binigay ko? So, aling MP# compilation ang napunta sa yo? Yung may G3 ba o yung maraming Gary Hoey?
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yung may Blue S, Gary, and JP......okay....thank you pare for introducing me to these guys. :wink:

Pasensya na mga bossing. Medyo malabo ang Gary Howe instructional. Ini-edit ko lang yan galing sa lumang vhs kaya medyo malabo ang quality. But still you can here and see the instructions he has. Like those fake arppegios, fast pickings?

Bart... both cds work. I like the pdf files. Will be really helpful. Thanks man. If you guys have any other instructional videos or literatures make me a copy. I'll dig up my old instructional vhs videos here and transffer them to dvds. I think I have Frank Gamble here somewhere. I'll let you guys know.

yo yo yo! kelan ba tayo jajam!?!?

btw, plug lang...

tugtog ako sa friday (Jazz Cafe in Ontario, CA) hehehe

Mark... wrong thread. Luma na ito. First EB pa. Punta ka doon sa isang thread title 2nd So Cal EB Jam, hehe.


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