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1. Audio - available at Alexan outlets, Php 270 (bang for buck!!)
2. Modern Recording Techniques by Huber and Runstein - reprinted by jemma, inc., (National Bookstore) Php 284
3.  The New Stereo Soundbook - F. Alton and Ron Streicher on sale at Alexan for Php 500
4. Sound Recording Practice by John Borwick - Php 582 (national Bookstore)
5.  Electricity and Electronics by Stan Giblisco - Mcgraw Hill, National Bookstore Php 765
6. College Algebra and Trigonometry - National Bookstore

1.  Golden Ears by Dave Moulton -

2. Mix It Like A Record by Charles Dye -

Online and Distance Learning:

1.  Berklee Music -

2. Audio Institute of America -

please add to this list of locally available materials and courses, and stuff that can be ordered online just pitch in.  thanks.

Add to Online/Long distance learning and may I add, it's absolutely free:

Bruce A. Miller Audio School.

I'd vote this guy for sainthood if I could.

u guys are the best !!! now i have something to go and study!! thanks!!

THANKS GUYS!!!! :wink:  now lets try to get " THE SOUND "  we are all trying to achieve...  the only problem i see is becoming " ORIGINAL" but hey it is the first step to the thousand mile journey. 8)

Tarkuz Toccata:
My pro-audio books:
1. Handbook for Sound Engineers, The New Audio Cyclopedia - Glenn Ballou. A comprehensive audio and acoustics reference, contains good and useful information in one book  This book is divided into chapters written by 27 authors.

2. Sound System Engineering - Don Davis & Carolyn Davis. The textbook written by the husband and wife team that founded Synergetic Audio Concepts (Syn-Aud-Con), and pioneered sound system seminars. A MUST-HAVE book for anyone involved in sound system design

3. Audio Systems Design and Installation - Philip Giddings. Don't let the title fool you, this is the book on interconnection wiring, grounding, shielding and AC power. An excellent guide for sound contractors/installers.

4. Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook - Gary Davis & Ralph Jones. It's hard to find affordable, useful and accurate pro-audio references -- this is all three. A good book about sound system setups for live sound.

5. JBL Audio Engineering for Sound Reinforcement - John Eargle & Chris Foreman. A great book about sound system design and basic acoustics.

6. Rane Professional Audio Reference - Dennis Bohn. A dictionary-like book plus CD-ROM that includes abbreviations, acronyms, anecdotes, biographies, definitions, examples, humor, internet hyperlinks, idioms, initialisms, jargon, phrases, quotations, slang, trademarks and tradenames. Also contains technical notes by audio industry pros.[/list:u]


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