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ako i use a Fuji X20. It's my second camera after a Canon G3 s3is.


--- Quote from: rennell on March 20, 2014, 07:42:51 PM ---cool! I'm already considering of shifting totally from Canon to Fuji but I guess I have to wait pa for a new camera to come out since di pa talaga at par ang performance ng X-T1 sa DSLR.

--- End quote ---

sa tingin ko dipende kung gaano mo ka gamay yung camera at occasion. i will not shoot a wedding with the x100s alone, i love my nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 for tight, close up portraits. pero kung events lang at travel, i'm happy with the x100s. good thing i sold my d300 and replaced it with the fuji, best decision ever. pero it will not replace my full frame nikon for really bad lighting and strictly no flash situations.

what i love about the fuji x100s is you can start capturing "kodak moments" instead of being too technical about the camera. you cannot change the lens on tis camera kaya kelangan mo maging close sa subject. kung tamad ka at ayaw mo madumihan, it will show in the photos. it's light weight and not as bulky as a DSLR.


Mabagal naman ako mag-shoot pero lalong bumagal pa sa Fujifilm. Haha. Basta maglabas lang ang Fujifilm na medyo mabilis-bilis pa sa X-T1 (AF lang naman), pwede full-frame, and expand more with their lens line-up (I actually need a fast telephoto zoom na lang when I get their UWA lens) then I'm really done with DSLRs. I don't like primes lens kasi kaya lang lumakas hatak sa akin ng Fujifilm because of their 10-24. :))

ill join the fuji bandwagon soon hehe xpro-1 sana kung kakayanin ng budget  :-D


--- Quote from: raginghormones on March 22, 2014, 07:23:51 PM ---ill join the fuji bandwagon soon hehe xpro-1 sana kung kakayanin ng budget  :-D

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get the X-T1 na


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