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KARNAL'S CIRCLE:Featuring Jett Pangan, Dave Aguirre and Ariz "Karnal" Guinto


wat ups guys! this is Bors the vooodoochi1d, its been a while since last ako mag login, I'm here to tell you all that my friend Ariz "Karnal" Guinto put up a collaboration band called Karnal's Circle and he invited a lot of guest artists with the likes of the great rock icon  Jett Pangan of The Dawn  and the Pinoy Rock Guitar Legend Dave Aguirre of Razorback.. We have a new single called unexpected and here is the link of its video teaser..Please check out and you can listen to it on most of the streaming music apps,  hope you like it guys coz Jett, Dave and Ariz rock on this song! thanks guys, Peace out!


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