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Sa mga may ari ng enhancer......

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I currently use the BBE sonic Maximizers in my DJ setup as well as in my bass and guitar setups. They really do make a difference especially when you are playing metal and need that clarity in your tone. I use it sparingly though because the resulting tone - if used too much - can end up being too glassy and overboard on the treble side.

@abyssiinianson - Have you ever had a chance to use the Peavey Kosmos and compare it vs. the BBE?


i've heard good things about the Kosmos for live applications, especially in cases where live mixes needed to be given a more ambient feel after being DI's straight to mix on the board. However, i've never owned any Kosmos units since they came out after BBE introduced the Maximizers. i figured, the better i know what I have the better I am off so I stuck with the BBEs.


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