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jack in a vox:
well i'm down to the basics.. guitar, amp and a few effects..

ive already sold much of everything.. cept the peavey 112, fender bass, dlx strat and my drum kit.

i  remember  i  had  a  lot  of  effects  then  too. sold  them  out.  bought a multifx  but  found  out  it  was  more  crappy.sold  it  too.haha

now im  back  to  just  a wah,  whammy pedal,  ds1 and  od2r which  i  bot used coz i  just  want  to mod  it.hehe

jack in a vox:
yeah you won't know what sound you want until you test out a couple of pedals..

too me a while to find my setup but now it's as simple as simple..
guitar->535Q wah->crowther hotcake->cusack screamer->Ibanez AD9->Boss Tuner->Amp

still quite a long chain but no more chorus, phaser, compressor, hi-gain boost, flange etc..

oh and heres mine[/URL]
The chain:Keeley comp+Zoom Ultra Fuzz(i love this pedal)+Keeley BD2+vintage MXRphase100+Zvex seek-trem+BOSSdd20 giga delay and a tuner somewhere.....Jack pre check out the green boss pedal on the pedal pix its called a boss Fa1 and its  very rare and not known much but only with fans of the Edge.This pedal is what he uses mostly when he wants a really loud clean sound like that in bullet the blue sky. I could just imagine ang ganda siguro ng tunog nya if you put it thru  sa AC30 mo 8) [/URL]

jack in a vox:
thanks for the heads up dude..

i'll check one out.. it's fun trying out new gear! ;)


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