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jack in a vox:

--- Quote from: vinCe-uv7bk ---:shock:  nice gear but why 2 PRS of the same kind? well... they look the same?  :?
--- End quote ---

the one with the black headstock (Classic 24) has a bolt on neck, alder body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard

the one with the red headstock (Standard 24) has a set neck, mahogany body, mahogany neck and maple fretboard

same electronics/pickups just that the tonal characteristics of the wood used makes them sound different.

the classic comes close to sounding like a strat if i use the "in between" clean settings but i can get great dirty sounds with the HBs while the standard IS basically a Les Paul that can sound like a strat if i wanted it to..

where u guys from?  cool gear.  

i  have:

peavey  bandit (old  one  with better  distortion)

ibanez  rg520qs mahog  body evo and paf  joe pups
ibanez rg7420  stock
behringer  v-amp  pro
digitech  whammy 2
crybaby 535
modified  boss  ds-1 and  od2r (by  me)
genesis series strat with  emg  81s


jack in a vox:
peavey's are great amps.. i used to have a Peavey Deuce II

it didn't have an overdrive channel but if cranked all the way it breaks apart nicely.. very lush..  :shock:

also it had Fender 6L6 power tubes (don't ask me how that was, i was surprised myself)

so the clean was really great.. reminded me of a fender twin..

and if used with an overdrive pedal like a hotcake or bluesdriver.. the tone! damn it.. the tone!

bunyok23: looking into  buying a  peavey  tube amp.

affordability is  a  plus for  peavey.

hey vox...u in a band or just hobby? have  u tried modified bd2?


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