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FS: Presonus Firestudio Project -- SOLD!


For sale is my Presonus Firestudio Project. slightly used but cosmetic is 7.5/10 due to scratches kakatanggal balik sa rack. but works perfectly 100% no box. it just comes with the power cord and Firewire cable. package includes a brand new Ads Pyro PCI firewire card with texas electronics chipset brand very mint condish used once only to test.

selling the package for 15k.

for 15k you'll get the ff:
- Presonus Firestudio Project (no box)
- Power Cable
- Firewire Cable
- Ads Pyro PCI Firewire card with texas instrument chipset

all for 15k Only!

hindi pala kasama yung belkin sa package if nakita niyo yung una ko post sa 15k hehe nasama lang ni copy paste ko lang kasi sa luma kong ad. thanks!

text me at 09166364814 for globe and 09228799810 for sun for faster transaction

will post actual pics tonight

Actual pics, sorry phone cam lang gamit ko

SOLD! good bye


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