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"A young Filipino woman who wears a yellow top, miniskirt, and a red rabbit-like hair accessory. She was first discovered in a leaked arcade data before being officially revealed during a Tekken 7 broadcast in Niconico on March 29, 2015. Josie is currently yet to be added to the arcade roster. According to the Tekken press release interviews with Katsuhiro Harada and her co-designers Mark Julio and Mari Shimazaki, Josie Rizal practices kickboxing and Eskrima[citation needed], but does not state which particular Kickboxing nor Eskrima styles. Public reveal of the character has caused a lot of controversy from Filipinos because the Tekken Team apparently just took fighting moves from different arts and disciplines (also recycling moves from earlier existing characters in the Tekken series), repackaged it, and is selling it as Filipino Martial Arts. Her outfit has also invited a lot of ridicule for its impracticality in fighting and lack of actual Filipino flavor (its design based on the Flag of the Philippines, but bear little resemblance to what Filipinos actually wear) and her ending "win" animation which had her crying was widely mocked by netizens


1. Panget ng costume
2. Sana may arnis, at art of kali ang fighting style
3. Ok lang yung crying winning pose pero they could come up with something better.


langya.. kung sa pilipinas lang pala nai-consider nila baka itong character na ito pwede na..

sabi ng NAMCO pag pinilit pa rin daw ng NCCA na palitan ang name eh idedelete nalang daw nila yung character..  :oops:

tama lang.. pangit naman talaga..

sa UP college of law gusto ito ilakad na usapin sa korte


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