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Re: Plakadong pag CIFRA
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@dlz_12 - well said. Mon to Saturday and preparasyon to minister out from the overflow. Then replenish agad like what the Lord did after imparting to people... Stay blessed!
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Re: Plakadong pag CIFRA
« Reply #26 on: September 23, 2013, 12:10:52 PM »
I believe one important thing we need to learn as ministers of God is "EXCELLENCE".

Excellence will be our goal whenever we are playing our given instruments, be it voice, guitar, drums, etc..

Meron talaga tayong iba ibang pag apply ng excellence into what we do, given na we are individualy different as well.

Merong excellence na kelangan cifrado, meron din namang excellence na sariling "lagay" kung baga..

I guess what is important is making sure we give it our "ALL" whenever we play for God since he deserves it. As long as we have given the best that we could give, then God will be pleased.. Kahit pa siguro na yung "best" mo ay hindi ganung kalufet ng "best" ng iba (if you know what i'm sayin) :)

This also includes, "practicing always/knowing more about our instrument.. etc" to improve our craft, so inturn our "best as of right now" will become "better as we go along".. ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD and not ourselves.
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