Author Topic: To Combat Shortage, Nvidia Asks Retailers to Limit Graphics Card Orders  (Read 2662 times)

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If you're a PC builder—or your aging desktop system is in dire need of some modern upgrades—you've probably wondered why it's impossible to get a graphics card lately. If you want a specific graphics card and can't find it at the store, which might already cost you more than what you would have spent six months ago, you'll be paying a hefty surcharge if you have to turn to sites like eBay or Craigslist.

Or as PC Gamer's Jarred Walton put it earlier this week, "Right now is the worst time in the history of graphics cards to buy or upgrade this all-important gaming component."

Nvidia is suggesting that retailers limit graphics card orders to just two per person, but that's just an idea—one Nvidia can't actually enforce beyond restricting sales on its website, which it's currently doing. That said, it wouldn't be difficult to place multiple orders on behalf of you and your friends to skirt Nvidia's two-per-person limit. While Nvidia's move will at least force an amateur cryptocurrency miners to get creative instead of just buying 16 graphics cards at once, the larger supply and demand issues cryptocurrency miners and gamers face might only be settled by time.
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