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FS: 201 Macbook Air 13" 1.6GHz Core i5 16GB 512GB Space Gray Touch ID


RFS: Honest mistake... ordered the wrong MacBook Air.

Price: 93,500.00 sealed plastic see photo with red box.

Meetup: BPI branch in Alabang for serious/safe/secure transactions.

Rather than trying to return it I want to sell it here instead

MacBook Air
1.6GHz Core i5
16GB RAM <<<<<< not 8GB
512GB SSD <<<<< not 128GB
Space Gray
Touch ID
Backlit Keyboard - US English Less

I am offering this for 93,500.

If you buy it from Apple PH it's 98,990.

This was bought in the US on 28 August 2019

From Apple It will be delivered by October 9. You can get it by tomorrow if you buy it from me.


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