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What do you want to learn about recording?

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Okay, forumites! Listen up!

If you had a chance to walk into a studio and be taught everything under the sun about recording, what would you like to know?

I have been in discussion with another forumite about setting up a workshop to learn about recording. The basic premise is that we will work with what is locally available, hardware and software-wise, mimicking the plight of most recordists here. The goal is to try to educate most musicians/bands on how to properly record their music, if possible in a DIY setting. Hopefully, we will post mp3's and pics of the workshop's progress. The purpose of this post is to let us know specifically, what interests the majority out there.

Any violent reactions?

Sound Weavers:
Excellent idea KITC.

One immediate and obvious suggestion is to break down to related subjects/topics

- Tracking. Signal chain, mic selection, mic placement.

- Editing

- Mixing


basics... proper miking techniques given different situations...

-understanding room modes and effect on miking techniques

-miking a band all in one room

-miking just the drums, given limited mics

-miking drums individually

-miking acoustic guitars

-why use room mics... why NOT to use them... same goes for close miking, the whys and why nots.

-gain staging (why to NOT just pump up trim/gain)

This is a great idea!
For everyone who's into recording this is a chance to put those knowledge into practice.
This event will certainly give a positive result.

Few things i would like to add...
 Effects Processor

Tarkuz Toccata:
I think it's better to start with Live Sound first because that's where the fundamentals of audio are.

example: What's a "decibel"?  :?


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