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Looking for Sampler/Keys/DJ (Not a show-band. Please see details, Thanks!)


Guitar Player here!

I am looking for bandmates, pero I really don't have a band as of now (I just met a drummer, vocals and bassist and we will soon jam). I'm just looking for people who shares the same influences, mahilig tumutgtog (preferably may sariling gear/gadgets) and willing mag jam muna. If we can produce a sound that can make us all feel fulfilled then I guess we're doing the right thing.

A Mix of Heavy and Ambient sound, pero hndi Djent or super sleepy sound ang gusto ko ma-achieve.

I am what you call ambitious pero of course I am willing to take baby steps. (hndi ako ganun kagaling pero alam ko na ung hinahanp kong sound)


I have my own gear (not that much pero I can create my own sound that's for sure) and I am looking for bandmates around sampaloc manila area sana.

My Influences (A mix of different genres):

Deftones (White Pony album, one of the best)
Tool (Lateralus album, one of the best)
Isis (Panopticon album, one of the best)
Team Sleep
The Smashing Pumpkins
A Perfect Circle
Nine Inch Nails
Sigur Ros
Failure (Fantastic Planet album, one of the best)
Massive Attack (Mezzanine album, one of the best)
(Some Classics like Pink Floyd, Led Zep and Black Sabbath).
And many many more!!!!!


- For Bassists, sana may gears kayo like octave, compressor, equalizer, etc. (a perfect circle, tool, isis and deftones bass sound sana ang flexiblity and willing magtune-down to Drop C#, Standard C# and Drop B).

- For Drummers, sana may double pedal, not to create speed metal or heavy metal pero may mga beats lng tlga (in my opinion) na mas maganda sundutan ng double pedals. (like abe cunningham of deftones, aaron harris of Isis, etc)

- For Guitarists, sana may own gear din (preferably pang post-rock/psychedelic rock ang gears and specialty) and kaya gumawa ng mga leads from scratch. (kasi po hindi po ako ka-galingan na gitarista and most of my compo are rhythm na slow/post-rocky with a hint of sludge metal and willing magtune-down to Drop C#, Standard C# and Drop B).

- For Samples/Keys, alam ko mahirap maghanap ng mga katulad nyo pero I hope I can find someone here in Rakista/PhilMusic. (preferably may sariling gear din and mahilig sa post-rock/ambient).

- For vocals, hndi nman ako nangangarap ng perfect voice since I'm not planning to create songs with too much words, if you can sing cleans (unique cleans) and make growls without wearing out your vocal cords easily, your my guy.

My current gear:

Epiphone SG (nakalimutan ko na kung anung SG un basta SG, hehe).
BOSS ME-70 (multi-efx)
Orange Crush 20 Pix. (practice amp)

What I'm planning to add (once may budget na ako):

Pitch Shifter (just got one recently)
A more badass reverb and delay
Change pickups and strings din in time.
And many more plans.

I also made a post prior to this one (I think?) pero it's been a while and I just want to make it more detailed. And yes, Call me crazy and demanding, but I am very interested in creating new music only! AS ALWAYS!

Just send me an email to
OR text me at 0926-658-7955 (Globe)

Pakilala lng kayo!

I am available Saturday and Sunday afternoon most of the time.

It's not too late for us and I can't wait to make music with you guys!

That's all I can say. . . . For now. . . .

(Sorry for the long post, here's a potato, JK).



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