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ako naman po magtatanong....:)

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pre dalin mo na lang sa guitar tech para mas maganda :D


--- Quote from: guitaraddict ---pre dalin mo na lang sa guitar tech para mas maganda :D
--- End quote ---

hehehe... ask lang nman po me tips... gusto ko lng din kasi matuto... lam mo na :wink:  pero thanx din sa advice

ok doks - so we can get right to the tips then! your guitar is probably a Yamaha Pacifica which are pretty nice guitars. as far as setting up the guitar, you can adjust the action (height of the strings) to cure the fret buzz on the G string (3rd treble string) by raising the action on the string saddles of the tremolo bridge. however, to properly do this, and to make sure the string height is compatible with the setup of the guitar, you need to check the 12th fret harmonic with the 12th fretted note on each string and MATCH them. if they don't match, adjust the height of the saddle until the harmonic and fretted notes match.

the pickup heights can be fixed according to your taste. some people like it close to the pups for louder, punchier attack while others back it off a bit. test and see how YOUR preferences dictate where the pickups should be. just be careful with how close the pups get to the strings, the magnet poles can affect your tone if they get too close to the strings as well.

scan the internet for setup tips on tremolo equipped guitars, there are a lot of tips out there that can have you go through the necessary steps to fix and get to know your guitar better.

pareng abyss, great tip! di ka ba guitar tech? hehe

unior, there are plenty of websites that discusses can start here:

ayus... now i can have my bonding moments with my guitar...:) hehehe thanx po mga sirs... hopefully i cud get your advise again if ever id be needing it again...:)

however, nde pa po kasi me nakakalabas for the past days, san po ba nakakabili nung wrench para maadjust yung string saddle sa trem bridge? and how much po ba ito? wrench nga ba tawag dun? :oops: para po alam ko na san ako pupunta pag nakaalis me... thnx po!!:)


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