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blue buddha:
And so it has come to pass.... The Rats ended a great 3-year run at Martini's at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel with a bang on Thursday, 17 July 2014.... on the 20th anniversary of the band's existence:

What a trip. More to come.  :-D

blue buddha:
Ok kids... here's the update to the previous post following the winding down of 3 years at Martini's:

- Mel, as you know, got married.... to Julius Lopez....

- Julius is now a Rat too.... filling the alternate bass chair along with The Man In Black.

- The Man In Black is happy that there's an alternate so he can put on a facemask and and whack people with a big stick atop the deadly weapons chain.

- Clare has really settled in and, along with Mel, both form the deadly two prong vocal attack that blows people away... or is it a four-prong attack?!!  :drool:

- Gilbert now regularly fills the drum chair.... he too got hitched earlier this year and became a Dad. Cry your hearts out gals.  :cry:

- Having found out how surprisingly great some cheapo guitars can sound and play, Joey has returned to expensive guitars because they sound and play better.  :money:

- Kedy has developed into a true lead player and is predisposed to making virtuoso musical jokes during solos.  :-D

- Whitey has gotten so good that he has been the appointed the band's official counter of "musical brain farts" because he now rarely makes them and remembers what keys the songs are in.  :eek:

- I am still traveling way too much.

- Roxy is in the curious position of having both her disposable income and personal happiness dependent on..... Hungarian sausage.

Post Martini's, our August seems full with a gig every week. But there is talk of a Rats Grand Reunion on September 19 at the original scene of the crime -- Hobbit House -- to mark 20 years of foolishness and merry making. So Ex-Rats.... save the date and tweak your gear. You will hear from us shortly.
Whitey -- can you post pics of the last Martini's gig here?

post some more!  :-D

blue buddha:
Hmmm.... wonder if it's time for an update. 7.5 years since the last post! An awful lot has happened...

update please


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