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FS: Mr. Speakers Ether C Headphones and Chord Mojo DAC (REDUCED PRICE AGAIN)


Also posted elsewhere like FB Marketplace and Carousell.

Bundle price: P52,000

Bundle price: P65,000

Bundle price: P67,000


Ether C w/ extras: P42,000

Mojo with audiophile cable: P15,600

Ether C w/ extras: P52,000

Mojo with audiophile cable: P19,600

(1) Selling a good condition pair of Mr. Speakers Ether C 1.1 (closed-back) headphones. This is from 2016, before Dan Clark rebranded Mr. Speakers to Dan Clark Audio.

Headphones comes complete with DUM cable (3.5mm headphone jack), tuning pads, AND never-used extra headphone connectors if you want to build another set of cables (or re-terminate the DUMs with the new ones).

Ear pads are a third-party one (replaced during pandemic when I thought I would use the headphones more). Headband may also be a bit loose especially if you have a small head (replacements are also available). DUM cable, as in the pic, has a slight tear in the sleeve -- but wires are intact. Extra tuning pads also unused.

Total hours of use about 550 hours in their whole life -- I am the 2nd owner and put max 100 hours on them; previous owner put max 450.

(2) Selling a Chord Mojo DAC with Moon Audio Silver Dragon USB audiophile cable ($200 value). Fully functional and in great condition. Total hours of use about 100.

Meetups can be arranged in some mall east of MM (Ayala Feliz, SM Marikina, SM Masinag), or Shang Mall, or BGC.

RFS: don't use them; never got into headphone listening

Please do just PM for inquiries.

Thanks for looking!

Price updated to P52k for the bundle.


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