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BLUE RATS....95'-present.a decade of blues

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let's give this a try....

introducing myself...JM, guitarist for 15 yrs now.journeyman musician po.meaning palipat lipat ng landas...learning stuff and soaking up whatever he can in whatever there is.

been a member of a number of bands....but i got my start in BLUE RATS.been part of a legacy, guitar player for 5 yrs before moving on.

but the BLUE RATS, despite personnel changes, are still at it.the legacy continues....

there is no blue rats website,no friendster account,not even myspace.

but i got an a-ok from blue buddha, to start a thread.and it is my goal here to put down all things blue and rattty!hehehe

Alumni...the present lineup...Jammers extraordinaire...a lil bit of history...styles and songs...the 'unreleased album'.......alumnus-where are they now?...maybe an upcoming reunion concert...

and mainly to answer the question..." Who is this F*&^in BAnd Anyway?!!?" :lol:

blue buddha, feel free to fact-check cause my history is pretty blurry at the moment...i need help mostly on dates..a bit of who's who...

like who was in the early line up

now i wasnt there when it all started...but i was pretty darn forgive me if i dont get every detail right.

blue rats started years ago...cultivating itself in the friendship of three individuals. Apa O., Butch R. and A.L. (i dont know if he wanted his name here! :lol: )

they went to school together...eventually went their separate ways and studied abroad separately...reunited and found that they all have common love of the blues, decided to form a blues band ,just for kicks.

now all of them have day-jobs(understatement) they knew that this was only goin to be a semi-serious thing, playin only on the weekends...suppose to be something they could do so they wont burnout at their jobs...also the booze and partying didnt hurt...hehe

started fooling around w/a 4 track recorder, coming up with early compositions like "lakas ng tama". really stoked about what they came up with,they decide to go ahead and book a gig.

this was in 94-95.

now who are these three forefather of the blues thumpin rats of the round blues table?

Apa O.---media personality...closet bassist who eventually became the manager of Blue Rats.he made a lot of hilarious lyrics that became songs/originals for the band,(?)hehe...

Butch R.---hhhmmmm...classical guitar player virtuoso ( ayos ba butch ).who did the rounds as a blues/rock guitar player back in the good old days, i'm actually friends with a former bandmate of his so i know what the deal is.went through what most musicians go through. the struggle...constant gigging...until he landed a gig as a professor of guitar instruction in st. thomeas university...where i met him.

A.L. ---an architect in his spare time :D his own words...schizophrenic member of the rats....churning guitar sounds, laidback and sweet to the beat...can never rush him..he's got it nailed down...learned a lot from this guy.

still in '95 guys

so there they are guitars and a bassist. needed to fill in the blanks so the band would be complete.

a drummer and a keyboard player..maybe a saxophone player...

but one crucial element of the rats has yet to be discovered.

enter Trice Gomez...blues lady of the first degree.A niece of one of the members, who is known as a very powerful singer, who apparently gained experience singing in HS bands and family reunions.

She is THE vocalist and face of the rats.oh,it didn't hurt that the members could blow the socks of the non-believer...but Trice's voice was the storm as powerful as any blues veteran out there.


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