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New bands - send me your bios and get featured in PhilMusic

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Jim Ayson:
Nowadays I'm more into looking for indie material for the PhilMusic Podcast!!

Send your original mp3s and bios to

pag nag submit po ba dito san namin makikita yung band profile namin??

Jim Ayson:
Don't send me bios anymore. I want an mp3, bio, and an email that says we are authorized to broadcast the original song or demo.

They'll be played on our podcast (if they're good!)


Episode #3: "Indie-licious"

Email sent!

Thanks sir Jim!

paano po malalaman kung nafeature na sa Podcast?.. :-D

Jim Ayson:
We publish the show notes for the current podcast episode each week on the front page of - for example, this week's show notes read:

For the third episode of the PhilMusic Podcast, we're debuting a new segment called Indie-licious where we play excerpts of the best indie mp3s sent to us by the bandmembers themselves. This week we have selections from The Haneps, Paramita, Juan Jr., MPG, Nancy Brew, and Machina. We also have part 2 of Artist Management 101 with Karin Araneta. Karin continues with tips for handling road tours, getting bands to come on time for the gigs, and what do bands have to look for in a manager.


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