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is this helpful in body building?

is it healthy and safe?


di ko po alam sir toybitz. basta ang alam ko masarap sya. oltaympeyborit. wakokoko

onga eh, lasang tinunaw na taho.

patapos kelangan siguro uminom ng madaming tubig din...kundi gout or bato din ang problema nito. hehehe


--- Quote from: toybitz on December 12, 2007, 01:48:20 AM ---is this helpful in body building?

--- End quote ---

Yes, soya milk is very helpful in bodybuilding.  It is a great source of "GLUTAMINE" and other essential BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids).
It is also essential during recovery period after workout.


In fact yung mga whey protein na nabibili is supplemented with glutamine.
Wag lang sosobrahan kasi since it is made fm beans,  dapat tama lang.

bat sabe ng kaibigan ko nakakabakla daw to? it develops the female hormone daw.. is this true? :?


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