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bibili ka jbl? mahal nun ah! hahaha

anyway kung gusto nio ng cheap pero okay lang nman kahit papano..

a4tech na in-ear phones! :) 350 lang hehe.

pero syempre no mats pa rin yan sa senheiser :) okay tlga tunog nun!

^hahahahaa! A4tech in-ears...

panalo yan!

yan gamit ko ngayon sa xda ko...yung software ko pa may x-bass feature kaya todo bayo ng bass...

sa headphones...trip ko skull candy headphones na binebenta sa unclassifieds natin...i just hope na may ship pa syang new stocks pag nagkapera ako...

kung hindi naman yun...yung behringer hps series para DJ ang dating hehehee...

I went thru a few of them. I started with Senn CX300 then to Vmoda Vibe then to Etymotics ER6i. If im listening to classical or jazz, I always pick up the ER6i for its relatively flat eq and superb clarity. When Im in the mood for rock, I always go for the Vibe which has a livelier, fun sound. Cx300 is too bassy for me, which I sold after a month.

I have the JBL Reference 220

and a Shure E3C.

These are both in-ears. Both have very, very noticeable improvements over stock earphones. The Shures have a 'cleaner' sound compared to the JBL's 'bassy' output. Don't get me wrong, but the JBL sounds good too... But compared to the Shure, which I think is technically more superior, you could also notice the difference.

I use the Shures for my iPod, PSP, iPhone, and more importantly, as monitors for recording drum tracks... I prefer to use in-ears for recording over bulky over-ears or DJ style headphones simply because in-ears are lightweight, doesn't restrict movement, and can isolate the sound better.

Thanks sa heads up Din! Pero tanong ko lang, marami kasi ako nabasang reviews aboud in-ear headphones, natatanggal daw as in mabilis malaglag kasi parang walang grip dahil in-ear sha.


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