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New member here from Makati!

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Hi guys! Ako nga pala si angie! :-D

Bago lang ko dito sa community niyo at gusto ko sanang maging magkakaibigan tayo.

Also I would like to share about sa kinahihiligan ko ngaun application sa phone. :oops:

See you guys in other topics!!!!!  :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

welcome... pls take time to read the rules..  :)

btw, batang Makati here!  :wave:

Welcome po, angie  :)

Welcome to PM!

Don't forget to read our rules and regulations! see link below (for your own sake) It would be helpful if you'll post more details like what kind of instruments you're playing. Have a great day!

red lights:

nasan na kaya to ngayon?


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