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Lowballing for the Lord

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^ Awesome, guys. There are people out there who have no compunction in using God's name to get an unfair discount, but for the rest of our brethren with genuine need, let us try to bless them, either with gear if our budget allows, or with knowledge as sonicassault suggested. Even small items like good cables and mics can improve worship tremendously, so let's do what we can. :)

It's good to be back! I was just roaming around because I'm selling two of my gears to add some cash on my savings para sa paparating na baby. As in baby! Magiging tatay na ako hahaha. Then nakita ko tong thread. Naexperience ko na to. Tatawad ng ubod ng baba kasi daw sa church gagamitin. Ex: selling Delay pedal. You priced it 5k for example. Tatawad sila half the price kasi "gagamitin sa church." Hindi tlga makatarungan un. They also invested for that item noon, so nung ikaw na ung nag iinvest, then bakit ka magkukuripot? Tsaka, kung hnd mo pa kaya bumili ng mga ganung klaseng item bakit mo pipilitin? Bakit mo uunahan ung nsa taas na nagbibigay ng blessing? Hintayin mo, wag ka mang agrabyado ng ibang tao. Para mo na ding sinabi na, hnd tinutupad ng Diyos ang mga prayers ng bawat tao kasi gumawa ka ng sarili mong paraan, kahit na ang paraan mo e nakakasagasa ng ibang tao.

peace tayo.
Love your neighbors dude!  :wave:

i prefer meet up talaga tapos test all you can sila. pag pina-cover ko yung Alive, Alive Forevermore at di nila matugtog, sorry pero walang tawad dahil the dude's obviously lying.

Ngayon lang uli ako nakapag Philmusic. :)

Totally agree with cumbersome.
For me. Educate with love.

Good call, sir! Lowballing "for the Lord" is just bad testimony.

--- Quote from: voidmain on May 05, 2016, 03:57:09 PM ---I'm gonna get a bit preachy here. Sabagay, Gospel and Praise board naman to. Please wala po munang balat-sibuyas; sabi nga sa Bible, "Better is open rebuke than hidden love" Prov 27:5

Nagbabasa ako ng Funniest inquiry thread lately at nakita ko to:Ang context nito is pinag-uusapan nila yung mga nanglo-lowball kasi "gagamitin sa church"

Guys, if anyone here has ever used the church or the Lord as an excuse to lowball; I rebuke you. We say we are serving the God of all creation tapos simpleng gitara kukuriputin pa natin? It gives a bad example to people who are not believers. Ang dating sa akin is mas importante pa na maka-kuha tayo ng good deal kesa ma-bless yung tao na kausap natin.

In response naman dun sa reply nung buyer, spreading the word of God does not necessitate us buying gear. Si Jesus nga walang sound system e and He was able to heal the sick, raise the dead, and drive out demons. The early disciples didn't have any of those too and they were able to reach the entire known world at the time with the Gospel. Tayo po ba, may napa-galing na by us playing? Have we ever had someone drop to their knees and confess their sin because ang ganda ng tone natin? Granted, it may happen; but is it because of the gear or the tone? Definitely not!

But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. - 1 Samuel 16:7

Yung heart natin ang importante kay Lord, not our gear. It's good to have good gear, kaso di ba mas importante to have a good heart? And having a good heart means you love God first, then love people. Nasan ang pagmamahal sa kapwa pag kinukuripot natin yung gear na pinag-hirapan nung tao? Jesus moved in great miracles through compassion. If we really want people blessed, let's have God fix our hearts first.

Note that I am by no means exempt from looking for a good deal, or asking for a price lower than advertised. But I never use the church and especially the Lord in this. As far as the Lord is concerned, pwede niya tayong bigyan ng mamahaling gear. I've heard of a story of how a person was given a Martin dreadnought (di ko lang alam yung model) by a missionary simply because he prayed for it. I've even heard of someone getting a Veritas guitar because sinabi ng Lord dun sa owner na ibigay yun sa kanya (I think this was Jeff Kunde from Jesus Culture).

My personal guitar gear journey started with a Lumanog acoustic. Una kong electric was a palo-china-necked guitar na nakuha ko ng 1k. Una kong stomp was either a Behringer DM-100 or a Boston DS-100 (di ko na maalala kung alin dyan sa dalawa). And the Lord blessed me as I was faithful with the small that I had been entrusted with. Eventually, I was able to acquire a Fender Tele, a good amount of pedals, and a decent tube amp (Laney Cub 12R). At the same time, my pedal collection got bigger. Its started with a multi, tapos isa isang naka-kuha ng pedals. Thankfully, maganda napasukan ko na trabaho. I actually prayed to have a job which paid a particular amount (which was almost double of what I was currently earning at the time), with the schedule that I wanted, and yung may possibility of going to the US. God answered my prayers. I got the salary I wanted, with a better schedule than what I asked for, and I got to go to the US all paid for by the company.

Summing up this long post, be content and faithful with what you have and God will bless you for it. And remember - the Lord looks at the heart, not the gear.

Sorry if some of you may have found this as a long winded rant/sermon, but I hope may na-bless through this. God bless po :)

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