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Hello from Davao!

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--- Quote from: Super BisDak on February 13, 2017, 10:23:12 AM ---Welcome to the forums sir. Daghan namo taga Oavad dinhi sir. Taga CDO pud ko. Enjoy your stay!

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Hello Sir! Salamat sa welcome!

Maayo nga daghan tag Bisdakers diri lol

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  Welcome bro sa Philmusic.  :wave:
  Bisita ka rin sa R.A.T.S and A.G.T forum.  :mrgreen:

^ my rule pala kame dito na magkwento ng lovelife  ang mga newbies  :lol:

BTT: welcome and enjoy your stay here at PM dre.  :wave:

tsaka dapat kada end ng post mo may emoticon na  :mrgreen:


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