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Tarkuz's NAMM babes pix


Tarkuz Tocatta (that's an ELP reference if you missed that) has some interesting photos of babes at NAMM 2005 here:

That looks more like scanned prints or negatives though! Dodo, pls. post gear photos instead, some of those promo girls (promo wimmen?) looks real scary!


Tarkuz Toccata:
Okay, I'll try to shoot and post gear photos instead.

Also, I shall start looking around for a good digicam, probably a ZLR which functions like an SLR but with non-interchangeable lens (Is that right?). I'm starting to get tired of scanning prints/negatives...   :roll:

I think I know what you mean.... they are usually called EVF's (Electronic View Finder) and they come with a wide zoom range (6 to 12x optical zoom) so you wouldn't need to change lenses and that's handier than carrying around a bag full of lenses.

If you're going to be picky about quality though, these cameras usually have noisier pix compared to DSLRs because their sensors are much smaller. Thsi means that IO 50-100 is fine but 200-400 is really noisy (grainy). But DSLRs go as high as 1600 or 3200 and the results can stil be useful.

Tarkuz Toccata:
So, more pixels = larger sensor = lower noise level = better image quality. Right?

I also read that digicams with small sensors can't produce shallow DoF. Shallow DoF is very good for portraits, however, deep DoF is nice for capturing images with sharp background and everything in focus...


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