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reggae-ska bands on exhibit!


Five of the country's meanest reggae and ska bands are this quarters subject of photographers Jed Escueta and Arvin Viola for Oooohhhh LoLA! Reggae-Skaravan:  the ultimate roadshow!

Brownbeat All-Stars, Cocojam, Milagros Dancehall Collective, Neighbors and Reggae Mistress are caught in vivid colors, two-tone, large format, digital, slides, close-up, up-close, up, side and down and projected in unique exhibition spaces at Mayric's on Friday, July 15, 8 p.m.  The bands will perform eclipsed with the collection from 8 pm. with special participation of Skabeche and Coffee Break Island.

Jed Escueta and Arvin Viola have worked as tandem before in an exhibit billed as Bragging Rights Project which ran in Capones, Makati.  

Oooohhhh LoLA! Reggae-Skaravan
15 July 2005, Friday
8 PM @ Mayric's Espana, Manila
(Mayric's is right across University of Santo Tomas)

Milagros Dancehall Collective
Reggae Mistress

Photo Exhibit by Jed Escueta and Arvin Viola

Plus 2 trippy digital shorts film-showing from I Fling Poo featuring skateboarding Jesus Christ kicking aliens and fighting Zombies, written, directed and produced by Jed Escueta and Leo Sano.


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