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The National Bureau of Investigation seizes ₱15 million worth of counterfeit car spare parts in simultaneous operations in Manila, Parañaque, and Las Piñas today. |
Guitar Central / Re: Post your rock guitar poses pictures here.
« Last post by gitaristadaw on Today at 11:29:15 AM »
Jump! :-D

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Guitar Central / Re: SHOW ME YOUR AMP/S!
« Last post by shanghaiboris on Today at 11:19:07 AM »
Classifieds: Guitars / Re: LF Ibanez XP300 FX
« Last post by geda on Today at 10:50:54 AM »
I have one, do  you still looking?
Guitar Central / Re: Your Own WEBCAM/VIDEOCAM shots guitar piece.
« Last post by mbsunga on Today at 10:11:00 AM »

skin o my teeth cover
bro, buo tayo. four year strong yung influence. nag-vovocals kaba? gitarista din ako.
Guitar Central / Re: Fender Guitar Users Thread
« Last post by firemodel55 on Today at 07:33:28 AM »
imho, i prefer the previous classic player series especially in their offset lines because they still retain the original circuits of the jag and jm with some minor "improvements". the new player series simplified the circuit design of their offsets. much like the american professional series.

Do you actually get to try out several guitars of the same model at a time?  Then you should know that you have to pick thru a lot of Fenders.  When you find one, you then ask yourself why this sounds so special despite it being the same as the other guitars.   Much in the same way that the new classic player batch may have a guitar that sounds way way much better than the old classic player.

I recently bought a professional and I did have enough money to buy an elite but comparing several professionals and elites at the same time, I had to go with the professional at the Yamaha Buendia Branch. 
Guitar Central / Re: The Magical 2% of Electric Solid Body Guitars
« Last post by firemodel55 on Today at 07:28:43 AM »
I think yung Ibanez Destroyer ni EVH from the 1st Van Halen Album ay kasama dun sa magical less than 0.01% of Ibanez. Hehe

Not anymore after he tore out a chunk from it....
Guitar Central / Re: The Magical 2% of Electric Solid Body Guitars
« Last post by firemodel55 on Today at 07:17:13 AM »
record? you mean j. mayer and prs' opinion which clearly is a marketing strategy. well, that's brilliant. and i do not hear any mention of the data or formula that the 2% is derived from.

Thats not marketing...I was talking to PRS' production manager and was telling him off about how above average the solid body sounds and telling him that I lament that there was rarely a magical guitar.  I was pointing out that I found this pre-1993 killer sounding Custom 24.  I thought he did not understand.  He told me that he does and he has been with the current factory since it opened.

According to him, solid body production is so down pat because of Paul's tweaks to the manufacturing process.  They can guarantee about 95% of all guitars to be above average sounding guitars and a few duds.  But they would not sacrifice 99 production guitars to be below average to produce just one killer sounding guitar.

As a sign that he understood, he compared it to where PRS acoustic production is.  Since its relatively new for PRS to produce acoustic guitars, everytime they just rolled off the line a beautiful /exceptionally magical PRS acoustic, Paul would have the line stopped and have everybody come over to examine that specific guitar.

By the way, I have no marketing strategy because my GUITARS are NOT FOR SALE.  The last time I had a fire sale was back in the mid 1990s.  Though on occasion, I have been tempted -- offered to be purchased -- by friends; I promptly bought back my guitars.  Out of my 40 USA MADE GUITARS, I only have one PRS.

I have about 5 Jacksons, 6 Gibsons, 3 Bakers, 4 Music Men, 6 Fenders, 1 BC Rich, 3 Suhrs, 1 Asher, 1 Mike Lull,  1 Washburn N4, 1 EVH, 1 McGuire,  etc.  All Made in the USA.  Basically, I have no favorites to promote.

What I do have to promote in contrast to so called advertising by guitar manufacturers IS that they produce more bad sounding guitars than good sounding ones.  So as guitar buyers, be aware AND try at least 50-100 of the same guitar model.  For example, my Ernie Ball JP15 which I bought last year in Tokyo, was so much of an effort to choose.
I actually had to go around at least 10 guitar shops in Tokyo and try out around 30 Ernie Ball John Petrucci guitars ALL MADE IN THE USA to pick the best one.  Buti na lang mayaman ang Tokyo dahil kaya nila magparating nga maraming inventory ng bawat modelo ng gitara.

Pati Washburn N4, pinagpilian ko ay anim in the same store!!! 2 standard, 2 vintage at 2 authentic na lahat alder.  Tapos may dalawang pang ash body na N4.  So thats a total of 8 guitars in one session.
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