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Name: Rodv Munasque

Age: 25

I've been a drummer since: 1994

I play drums for: haru naito

My favorite musical style/s: rock, funk, blues, prog metal, metal, jazz,      fusion

My favorite drummer/s: Dave Weckl, Buddy Rich, Virgil Donati, Dennis Chambers, Marco Minneman, Carter Beauford, Mike Portnoy, Michael Alba, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith, Brian Blade, Rodney Holmes, Adrian E., Tomas Haake, Mike Mangini.

My musical influence/s: all works done by the drummers mentioned above.

My drum gear: Sonor Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Gibraltar Hardware, Vater Sticks...

I'm a proud drummer because: i get all the chicks

Additional info about myself: im allergic to shrimps..

Jhon Ruzz Merca


I've been a drummer since:

I play drums for:
Balaraw ni Miguel

My favorite musical style/s:
Rock, Heavy Rock, Progressive rock

My favorite drummer/s:
Mike Portnoy, Virgil Donati, Buddy Rich, Dennis Chambers, Vinnie Paul, Mike Mangini, Lars Ulrich, Neil Peart, Simon Philips, Derek Rody, Joey Jordison, Thomas Lang

My musical influence/s:
Dream Theater, Metallica, Beatles, Symphony X, Rhapsody, Pantera,  

My drum gear:
Im Very proud of my LAZER drums!!
Remo Heads
Sabian Cymbals
18" Wuhan China
Pearl Power Shifter Eliminator double pedal

I'm a proud drummer because:
Nakakapawis! pang exercise na din....

Additional info about myself:
im Chubby!!

Updated on 2008
Joseph V. Manabat


I've been a drummer since:
I was 15 (4th yr. HS)

I play drums for:
my self-contentment

My favorite musical style/s:
Metal [death, progressive, nu, hardcore, thrash], Progressive, Pop, Alternative Rock, Funk, Fusion, Instrumentals, Classical, Punk Rock, Ska, Love Songs

My favorite drummer/s:
Joey Jordison, Mike Portnoy, Jack Diockson aka kibohead!, Robert Dela Cruz, drummer ng "sinosikat?", etc..
My musical influence/s:
Greenday (Not the latest album:lol:), Slipknot, Deicide, Dishwalla, Rage Against The Machines, etc.

My drum gear:
- Fernando Drum Set!

Zildjian Cymbals:
- ZBT 4 Pro
- 18" A Custom Fast Crash
- 18" Z Custom Medium Crash

Meinl Cymbal:
- 18" Byzance Brilliant China

- Pearl Eliminator Single Pedal
- 6611 Gibraltar Double Pedal
- Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Pedal (2007 model)

- Lazer Sticks! 5a/8a (70 pesos/pair!)
- Ahead Joey Jordison Sig
- Zildjians
- Fernando

I'm a proud drummer because:
Am I proud?  :? Seriously di ko alam kung bakit ako proud.  :|

Additional info about myself:

Name:    Dominic Lizaso

Age:   19

I've been a drummer since:   2001

I play drums for:  My school ensemble, Chisnax, Plunge, and on any band that needs a drummer to session for them...

My favorite musical style/s:  Jazz, Rock, Fusion, and other Genres, name it and i'll try do my best for it... hirap lang talaga ako sa Latin

My favorite drummer/s:  Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Ari Hoenig, Carter Beauford

My musical influence/s: The above mentioned drummers' music... and also Incubus, P.O.T., R.H.C.P.

My drum gear:  I use Pearl Export Series, Grestch Black Hawk, 16" K Custom Dark Crash, 15" A Custom Crash, 22" Avedis Ride(1970s model), 14" A Custom hats, and an 18" B8 Pro Ride for my school ensemble... I dont have my own kit for now... But i'm targeting to purchase a Sonor Force... Fernando Stick Bag, Vic Firth 8DN, Nova 5AN, New Beat 5AN..

I'm a proud drummer because:  One of the best things to do in life! This is what I love doing!

Additional info about myself: I'm a freelance Computer Technician... I love cars... I love my Lancer GSR 1982 Boxtype...

I'm glad you guys appreciate this thread.  Now, we are more acquainted with each other.  I'm now familiar with who are the weekend warriors... the students... the pros... semi-pros... those with GAS hehe... who loves Vinnie or Neil or Buddy... who digs rock or jazz or any styles of music... etcetera etcetera...

We also get to peek into a fellow drummer's personality as well, based on their replies.

I hope I can remember all your real names... So that I can start calling you guys on a first-name basis.  We should have another EB soon.

Thanks for all the wonderful replies!  Keep 'em coming!  :wink:


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