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US-trained audio engineer taking on mix projects here in Manila. Free-lancing at Alpha Records currently. Upcoming releases from Maverick & Ariel and band "Frio" and Session Road acoustic remix, among my Manila credits as well as indie release from Liquid Jane. US credits include World Class Noise, 4-Letter Story, Jennywicke, Triple Threat, Spraycan Picasso, Fuse. Get that coveted US sound. Hire me. My rate - PhP200 per track (includes mastering). Discounts offered if I use your P4 computer with at least 1 GB memory. My equipment - KRK7000B monitor speakers, MOTU 828 digital interface, Hafler P3000 power amp. I'm also available as tracking engineer, with (2) JOE Meek VC3 mic preamps with Opto compressor. 2 channels Presonus Blue Tube mic preamp in tandem with my MOTU 828 interface and Adat XT20 (used only as AD converter without running tape). Mics available AKG C3000 and C1000 condensers, (1) AKG D112 Kick drum mic, (2) Shure SM58 and 1 SM57.
But my best assets are my ears and knowledge of the whole process. So don't short-change yourself. Your songs deserve to be mixed by the best ears.
Contact info: manila cel # 0915 552-0694,

Serous inquiries only, please.
Thank you :-)
"paint your music on my canvas"