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Need Fast Cash but don't really want to part with your instrument? Look no further, the PAWN BROTHERS are here (haha parang infomercial but seriously....) :)

We're here to help :) :) :)

WE OFFER HIGH AND LOW CASH VALUE OPTIONS. Meaning we can give as much as 50% of your items' value. Contact us for more info on this.

We pawn Musical instruments, Amplifiers, Drums, Effects and the like.
Items should be in good working condition (we appraise by street price)

Take note that we are a pawning service so there will definitely be an interest, a deadline, a written and signed agreement, and of course CASH on the spot!!!

We may also buy your item if we think its salable but we must warn will be at a low low price...but you will see cash on that day itself.

Your items shall be stored properly in our private studio (which you may visit) and we shall guarantee its safety. Of course we shall be liable for any damages concurred and pay the necessary agreed fees. 

Only brands that we think are salable and with good value are approved for pawning. But you may also try your luck and send us info and details of obscure brands and maybe we can come up with an agreement.

For a copy of our terms of agreement please email:

You may also contact us at 09178742102 from 1pm - 4am (yes kahit madaling araw puwede mag deal :) )

Shop location: 25 Fisheries St Visayas Avenue QC
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