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SEC revokes Unity Premier’s registration


BIR slaps Joseph Calata with P89M tax evasion case

Five years after getting banned for life by the Philippine Stock Exchange, self-proclaimed business strategist Joseph Calata is facing tax evasion charges from the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Last Friday, October 28, the BIR Region 5-Caloocan City accused Agri Phil Corp. and its president, Calata, for “willful failure to pay taxes” amounting to P88.865 million (inclusive of penalties and interest) in 2012.

Agri Phil is the retail arm of Calata Corp. for feeds, agrochemicals, veterinary medicine, fertilizers and seeds.

Calata Corp. was delisted by the PSE in 2017 for insider trading and failing to disclose material information to the public in a timely manner.


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