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hehehe :evil:

Jim Ayson:
I guess I thought everyone knew - but I was wrong! We all manage the board in a voluntary basis - this is an all volunteer effort. So don't bug the mods ok? :-)

I just got an email from Jerome Azarcon asking if its true that mods get paid 40K a month and if he could apply... where do those weird rumors come from?!? Pare mag call center ka na lang...  :roll:


--- Quote from: efilnikufesin on September 21, 2008, 10:03:46 PM ---good day, im currently working on my thesis and im interested in the role of philmusic in promoting philippine music abroad with respect to international relations. can you please help me by answering some questions:

-are there activities initiated or participated by philmusic that promotes philippine music (event arrangements, music festivals, tours, etc)? if so what are these

- is philmusic just a community based website or it has actual events where  people meet with organizers and stuff

- is philmusic "approved by" or "a member of" certain organizations that asserts the site's credibility

*please, it would best help if you try to explain these things.
thank you very much.

much respect

--- End quote ---

maganda pare maghanap ka ng mga matatagal na dito.(BTW, hindi ibig sabihin na madaming post eh matagal na sa philmusic.) check mo na lang yung registration date nila.  tapos mamili ka sa kanila from guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, etc. sections/board ng pwede mo mainterview ng personal(wag mo ko isama sa interview list if ever, im a very super busy person.).  o kaya pagsabaysabayin mo sila kahit sabihin mo libre mo na lang sila ng alak.  saka maganda magset ka ng time kung ilang oras sila magiistay. mas madami ka matututunan kung kakausapin mo sila ng personal sa mga experiences nila at observation dito.  isa pa is sa mga EB attend ka with the intention to get their views. maki mingle ka at iexplain mo intention mo na may project ka.  sa dami ko ng nakatransaction dito, minsan hindi enough ang 2 hours sa kwentuhan namen bago magkaliwaan ng items or tinda.

so how come philmusic is not asking for donations so that you could improve your server or maybe switch to a different forum board wherein your search engine could function properly. to be honest with you this forum is totally informative it's a shame to go to waste.

Im sure with the number of people who could afford to sell and buy gadgets and guitars in this forum they could shell out a few bucks for a donation.

Napansin ko lang, ang search function ba ng Philmusic is talagang for the posts lang? Not for the thread titles? Yun kasi yung makikitang nakahighlight kapag nagsearch eh. Pwede kaya natin gawin na yung thread titles mismo yung tags?


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