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Hello from Davao!

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8livesleft from Davao here.

Primarily a guitarist. Been playing on and off since the 90s. Unfortunately, grunge yung uso nun which is the effing worst genre for guitar.

Whatever the case, I got into guitar and tried the whole band thing but my real passion is recording.

My music ranges from mellow chillout to EDM, Industrial, Metal. All instrumental because I don't sing.

Looking forward to talking to all of you.



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Super BisDak:
Welcome to the forums sir. Daghan namo taga Oavad dinhi sir. Taga CDO pud ko. Enjoy your stay!

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Super BisDak:
Sorry double post.

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red lights:

welcome sa PhilMusic sir! Tambay ka sa RATS  :wave:

Super BisDak:
Haha.. Oo nga papi!

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