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Chord Substitution Diminished Chord Over Dominant Chord.


Chord Substitution Diminished Chord Over Dominant Chord.When i was still Learning To Play Jazz Guitar (Up To Now Im Still Learning Actually.hehe.)Im Always Amazed To Listen To All This Jazz Cats Who Can Play A Hundred Chords  Over This Simple Changes.So I Studied Really Hard How To Do That.
Its Called Chord Substitution.Here's A Simple Way To Get You any Dominant Chord You Can Substitute The Diminished Chord Over It.For Example.On a G7 Chord You Can Substitute the Ab,B,D And F Diminished Chord.Interchangeably.Again This Is Not A Rule Of Thumb.Always Let Your Ear Decide.That's The Reason Why We Should Practice.Experiment In The Practice Room Always.Thanks Very Much.If You Have Questions Please Write It Down.
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